08 Apr 2024

Uplighting for Your Toronto Weddings & Events.

What Exactly Is Uplighting?

If you’re wondering, “What is uplighting?” you’ve arrived at the right page. This lighting effect is created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them up. As a result, the effect of ‘up lighting’ is created. It is a very effective way to significantly improve the atmosphere of a wedding or event venueWedding lighting is an important reception detail to consider: with the flick of a switch, uplighting can completely transform a room. By adding depth and setting the tone, as well as strategically highlighting details you want to see and distracting attention away from areas you want to hide. As a result, Wedding & Event Lighting is something you should discuss with your planner. But what do you need to know about wedding uplighting, especially if you have different budgets? We asked the pros to break it down and share the uplighting essentials that every couple should be aware of when planning their wedding decor. 


Uplighting for your Toronto Reception

Uplighting is ambient lights that are placed around your venue space to create depth and atmosphere in order to create a more unique experience for your celebration,” says Andrea Spence, from Spence Wedding Coordination.

“By placing Uplighting on the floor around your Toronto event venue, you can accent the walls and ceiling in your Toronto venue to create depth and feeling in the colour of your choice,” Andrea continues. It’s also useful for emphasizing architectural features of the venue that you like, such as wall fixtures or pillars. Indeed, the uplighting provided by our Toronto Disc Jockey Division, Musically In Motion Entertainment, can be programmed to transition from one colour to another with a remote control, allowing you to signal to your guests the transition from cocktail and dinner hours to dancing. To add energy, up lights placed along the dance floor can even beat in time with the music. It is an incredible service for any Toronto wedding or event.”


What Kinds of Up Lighting Exist?


Professional Wedding & Event Vendors offer two main types of Up Lighting. These accent lights are classified into two types: wired and wireless.


Uplighting that is wired

Wired lighting is available at the majority of Toronto wedding venues, as well as some Disc Jockey and Lighting Companies. It is fairly self-explanatory. Wired lighting requires an electric outlet to be turned on, so it is not very versatile in terms of placement. It requires additional extension cords to be used in areas away from electrical outlets. We do not recommend this lighting option because it either creates a tripping hazard for your guests or locks you into a lighting design chosen by the hall based on the location of their electrical outlets. This is made even more difficult in older venues that haven’t had their electrical updated, as the energy drawn by the lighting can disrupt service to your caterer, Toronto wedding DJ, or Photographer, all of whom require electrical connections to serve your Toronto Wedding or Event. Furthermore, most wired lights only come in 6-10 pre-programmed colours and must be turned on manually.


Wireless Uplighting for Wedding Cakes


We’ve chosen to offer wireless uplighting to our clients because of the versatility in both lighting design and the amount of colour control we have. With this light, the possibilities are limitless.
Unlike traditional wired lighting, wireless lighting has a battery pack that can be charged ahead of time and can last up to 12 hours! Our Toronto DJs team makes certain that this item is fully charged at least 24 hours before each event. We are able to place these lights in areas not normally accented by colour, such as the Cake Cutting Table and along inner pillars and features, because they use a battery pack and are not limited by a cord.
Furthermore, our Wireless Uplighting includes remote control access. That means we can stand across the room and change the colour of the lights with the touch of a button. These brilliant little fixtures have 64 popular colours programmed into them. Our DJs, on the other hand, have a Program App right on an iPad that allows them to use a colour wheel to adjust each light individually or all together to perfectly match any colour you desire.


Par-Cans vs. LED Uplighting for Cakes


When looking for Wedding Uplighting, it’s also important to understand the difference between incandescent light bulbs and LEDs. Par-cans were the first type of lighting used. Par-cans are wired lighting fixtures with a white incandescent bulb inside. To change the colour of the par-can, a thin sheet of cellophane is placed over the light bulb. Furthermore, the bulbs burn hot, posing a hazard to anyone who comes into contact with the fixture, posing a safety risk. Another disadvantage of the par-can was the requirement to be plugged in near an outlet or with an extension cord. These lights posed a dual risk because they were both a fire hazard and a tripping hazard. No one wants to risk injuring a friend or family member due to the decor at their event. Most wedding venues, as well as some DJs, still use par-can lighting.

LED lighting is the lighting technology of the future. LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. They are low-energy lights that do not become hot to the touch, reducing the possibility of accidental injury. LED lights are also far brighter than standard incandescent bulbs. Our cutting-edge Wireless LED lights can color-wash a three-story barn ceiling. We’ve seen it at several popular Toronto venues where we’ve served. LED uplights have a much longer lifespan than other bulbs, making them ideal for a variety of applications over time. If your DJ offers LED uplighting, you can be confident that the lighting will be effective for your event. With burned out bulbs, there are no unpleasant surprises.

Musically In Motion Services understands the value of excellent service to you. That is why we are pleased to provide Wireless, LED Uplighting Rentals for your special occasions.
What colour should I use for uplighting?
The most frequently asked question after “What is Uplighting?” is “What Color Should I Use at My Wedding?” That is why we have created a blog to assist you in deciding which colour is best for your Wedding. If you expect to use a design that includes your Wedding Colors, the answers may surprise you.


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