26 Feb 2016

Condo Launch Party for Canderel

Toronto Event DJ


Taken place at St Clair village condos sales centre, our Toronto DJ Al Andy, started setup at 11am and event was open to the public at 12pm. Client requested that music be played at a mid-low volume to give an atmosphere of still being able to have conversations with the customers. The playlist consisted of hip-hop, old school 80s and 90s, house music, house disco, nu-disco, deep house and house remixes with hip-hop and old school songs.


Throughout the day we received a lot of compliments and great feedback about the music played by our Toronto DJ and our overall presentation of the DJ setup. This event was a very upscale event so our client decided to go with our all white DJ control centre DJ setup which brought a lot of attention and helped with the overall presentation bringing the client’s vision to life.

In the end, this allowed for us to show our versatility and ability to do an event which brought our clients ideas and visions to reality. Overall, our clients were happy and impressed with our Toronto DJ services. If you are looking for upscale condos in the city of Toronto, contact Canderel.


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