15 May 2021

Darren & Stacey Lynn Edworthy Stag & Doe in Rockton, ON

Stag & Doe in Rockton, ON


Stag and Doe started at 7pm where our DJ Al Andy provided DJ services with one of our metal truss facades and two 12″ EV speakers. Playlist was provided by clients and consisted of classic rock and country.

The night began with games being played while our Rockton DJ provided a musical atmosphere/background for the party. As the night continued, the dance floor was opened by our Rockton Event DJ who played more up-tempo country music with some classic hip-hop and Top-40 hits which got the party moving and our Rockton DJ received a lot of requests for some line dancing country songs. As the night came to an end, DJ Al Andy ended the night with some classic tragically hip “The Hip” songs which was the perfect music to end an amazing night which got everyone singing along.

Everyone was very pleased and let our Rockton DJ know that they had a great night and we thanked them for having us.


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