26 Feb 2016

Live Band vs DJ: Which One Should I choose ?

The budget-battle part of event preparation includes deciding between a live band and a Toronto Wedding DJ. It’s likely that someone will be exasperated and frustrated enough to say that they are going to Spotify an event playlist and be done. Before we get to it, let me explain the benefits of having one or both of these alternatives at your event.

Event Rundown

A Toronto Wedding DJ can plan music for all aspects of your event. Between guests arriving, activities, formalities, and leaving, a skilled DJ will discuss the flow of your event and establish the tone with appropriate music, ensuring that your day goes just as planned. Music helps to relax and delight guests. It also nonverbally indicates the status of an event. For example, from cocktail hour to your reception dinner, a small change in background music transitions visitors from one part of the program to the next.

Read the Dancefloor      

When catering an event for guests of different types of personalities, it is quite difficult to please everyone. However, a competent Toronto Wedding DJ reads the room, is open to song suggestions, and will find a way to entertain the audience. This is critical if you want your visitors to have the best experience possible at your event.


A Toronto Wedding DJ is significantly less expensive than a live band and accomplishes the purpose of entertaining visitors with great tunes. We use a lot less equipment and guarantee that you’ll hear your favorite songs.

Venue Constraints

Not all venues are set up for a Live Band with elements such as space constraints, acoustics and theme to take into consideration. A Toronto Wedding DJ takes up fairly little space and can advise on how to wire the room for sound and ambiance.


Any event gets that concert feel with live bands. The best option is unquestionably a live band if your guests enjoy that kind of energy. I work with live bands a lot, and if they need amplification, they connect into my sound desk. I have the highest regard for musicians’ expertise and craft, which is why I get along with them so well.

Whatever route you decide to take—live band or Toronto Wedding DJ—the most crucial thing is to keep your guests’ comfort in mind. If you want to talk about your event, get in touch with us.


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