08 Mar 2022

Tips to create the perfect Toronto Wedding Reception

Keeping guests on the dance floor

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a Toronto wedding reception being perfect and memorable in every way. Couples are always trying to find the perfect vendors that will ensure that they have their dream wedding reception, from the selection of a Toronto wedding DJ to the selection of their songs , there are many key factors for your wedding reception that can make or break the party.


 If you are beginning to plan your special day and trying to decide how to choose the perfect Toronto wedding DJ for your special day, here are few tips below that will help make your decision a little easier when trying to pick the perfect Toronto wedding DJ.


1. Consider Your Style 

                                                                                                                                                                                          It’s important to keep your style and wedding vision in mind when picking the right Toronto DJ. Consider how you want the overall mood to be and what genreour guests will more likely dance to. If your music style is more old school, you would want a wedding DJ that knows how to play music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. If your style is more new age or modern, you will want a DJ that can play top 40s, rap and more modern genres of music. Once you identify your style, what genre of music you like and what mood you want to be created for your wedding, this will help to narrow your search and help you make your decision for a Toronto wedding DJ easier and quicker.

2. Consider what music your guests are into.

 Usually when you invite guests to your wedding, they are normally people that you know or are somewhat familiar with. People on your guest list may be family members, close friends or co-workers known to either the bride or the groom. This would allow for the couple to know what type of music or genres would get their guests grooving late into the night.


3. Let the Toronto wedding DJ know of your DO-NOT-PLAY songs

Every couple has songs or artists that they absolutely hate the sound of their music. As a Toronto wedding DJ company, sometimes we have brides tell us not to play cliche songs that they hear at every wedding. There is one drawback to not having cliche songs because sometimes these cliche songs are considered cliches because they are guaranteed to always make your guests dance because of how popular these songs are. But it’s important to let the DJ know if there are songs that you don’t want played so if it’s requested by a guest, the DJ can let the guests know of your wishes.


4. Give your Toronto wedding DJ a list of songs to be played weeks before your wedding

You should always provide your DJ with a list of songs that you would like to be played at your wedding atleast two weeks before your wedding date. This will allow the DJ to have an idea of what type of music you like and from there, your wedding DJ is able to create a playlist that they think will complement your style of music.


5. Get out there and dance


Guests love to see when the newlyweds are dancing their butts off. As soon as the dance floor opens up for the evening, get on the floor and show off your best moves. Once guests see you having fun, they will want to join you and share in the fun on the dance floor. Its a good idea to to ask your bridesmaids to lead the movement to the dance floor as you might be busy with all the activities that are taking place on your wedding day.



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